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Last update September 03, 2021

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Steve Harlow: Ravelco claims no Ravelco vehicle has ever been stolen. That is almost certainly false. … If you know how it works you can defeat it in minutes.

Unknown: I was coaxed by the Stealership into having one of these Ravelco’s installed by them on a fully loaded Silverado Truck that was a Special ordered vehicle. Yeah it worked fine up until around at 30,000 miles when my truck suddenly & completely lost all electrical power while traveling on the toll road late at night as I was passing through a bad part of town that the toll road ran through while I was in route to pick up my girlfriend from her night shift job way across another part of town. At the time of the electrical failure, my highway speed was the posted 65mph. With quick thinking, I was able to put the vehicle into neutral as I fought with the steering wheel after losing power steering among all other power and luckily I was able to coast off an exit ramp in the middle of nowhere, onto the feeder road (frontage road), into a McDonalds parking lot, and a parking spot near the rear of the establishment close to the drive thru. The drive thru and restaurant was pretty busy at the time. It was a MIRACLE that I was able to safely coast right into a parking spot like that. As I looked around from behind my dark tinted windows it was then that I realized that the area I was stranded in was located in a ratty rough part of town. There I sat alone dead in the water like a sitting duck. I quickly got a friend of mine on the phone who owned a wrecker service. He had just ended his shift, took a shower and was about to turn in to bed for the night but was gracious enough to get dressed again and come to my aid to get me the hell out of there. 30 minutes later, he was there, hooked the truck up and we high tailed it out of Dodge!! The next day the stealership informed me that it was the Ravelco itself that shorted out all of my electrical power. I had that sucker (Ravelco) ripped out and thrown into the trash!!! Afterwards I bought a removable lock that covered my entire steering column among other alternative security measures and I never had a problem again. No more Ravelco’s for me, thank you.